Venetian Master Perfumer

The latest craze…

Perfumes have been around for years but none exist quite like Venetian Master Perfumer for the ultra high networths, A listers and luxury brands of the world.

Spencer Buley Group introduces Venetian Master Perfumer, creator of the  world’s finest fragrances, hand-crafted by internationally renowned Master Perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro. Lorenzo is at the top of his field, a highly respected Master Perfumer cornering the market in fragrancing ultra high end spaces, from luxury superyachts and international cruise ships, to celebrity estates, 5 star hotel chains, deluxe spas & casinos.

Ashley Spencer Hurrell, founder of Spencer Buley Group said

“I fell in love with the exquisite quality of these unrivalled bespoke fragrances, which I instantly wished to introduce to the group and our wide-ranging portfolio of discerning clients who will benefit from them in so many way.”

Venetian Master Perfumer fly clients down to Venice to actually have a hand in creating their own unique signature perfume, whether it be for them to wear, or as an atmospheric ambiance fragrance to diffuse throughout their private yacht, home or business. Venetian Master Perfumer uses only the finest ingredients to fashion bespoke fragrances and infuse them into your very own branded range of toiletries, from shampoos and creams, to
personalised hand-made candles.

A key element in the success of the company remains its state-of-the-art “Fragrance Delivery System”, hand-made in Austria, and supplying the high end, niche superyacht industry. This unique system diffuses one or multiple scents at desired intervals and strengths from a shoe box-sized, brushed aluminium or hardened plastic case (featured below). The aromas are then atomised through the HVAC/Air Con System to fragrance chosen rooms of the yacht, home or business, all conveniently controlled via an Android app or a wifi-connected device, which can even warn you when the bottle is nearing empty. The programmable unit is discreetly installed in the plant room, so it’s an easy bit of kit delivering a powerful product which is proven to have a positive effect on health.

Depending on the scent used, harmful ecoli build up within the HVAC system can be eliminated, avoiding unnecessary planned maintenance or downtime. Ashley says

“I am fully behind this product, as it has shown to be essential in improving the wellbeing of our clients”.

Bottles come in various sizes, including 625ml, 1250ml and even 2500ml, meaning it only needs filling up on average once a year. Flexible purchase or lease options are extremely reasonable.

The unique emotions evoked by our sense of smell means a fragrance can leave a powerful and lasting effect on the psyche. With competition in this exciting emerging industry only set to get ever stronger, these products have become the perfect marketing and sales tools, from selling or gifting reed diffusers, to complementary toiletry
packages, ensuring a lasting memory of their experience with you.

The company is working closely with industry experts such as Viveur featured in the newsletter and is a Group Partner.

For a private appointment, contact Venetian Master Perfumer Founder – Elena, at

Venetian Master Perfumer boxes